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Gad Saad weight loss journey surprises fans after Joe Rogan appearance

A recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featured Lebanese-born Canadian professor Gad Saad as he spoke about his weight loss journey and areas of his academic interests.

Saad opened up about maintaining his 86 pound weight reduction and told the American podcaster all of his best lifestyle-changing advice including exercise, diet and mindset tips.

Fans of the show were surprised and inspired by the conversation, praising the 57-year-old for his successful slim down.

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Gad Saad’s weight loss journey on Joe Rogan

Episode 1816 of The Joe Rogan Experience featured guest Gad Saad, a 57-year-old professor of Marketing at Concordia University and an expert in the application of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behaviour.

Rogan’s short YouTube clip of the podcast episode, titled “Gad Saad on Maintaining His 86 Pound Weight Loss”, shows Saad openly speaking about his weight loss journey.

After making Joe Rogan guess his weight, Gad Saad then confirmed that he now weighs 170 pounds and reports that the heaviest he has ever been was 256 pounds.

The professor gave the following message to anyone trying to successfully lose weight:

“There are one thousand different temptations in a day for you to violate your goal and you can almost never fail,” also encouraging listeners to take the right road and trust the process.

Professor’s top five tips

Saad shared his five key steps to losing weight when asked about his lifestyle change, number one being his daily step count.

Gad Saad ensures he walks from 15,000 to 20,000 steps per day no matter what, by any means, and has been doing so now for two and half years.

Secondly, he tracks his food intake and suggests that a lot of the improvement comes from controlling what goes into the body. Rogan agrees that “it is very difficult to exercise your way to weight loss”.

Next up, he finds that weighing himself once a week helps to notice progress and improvement – ​​often recognizing little changes but nothing magical.

Saad’s fourth tip is to get away from the “all or nothing” mindset, stating that he instead makes sure that every day is a bit better.

His fifth lifestyle change meant that he removed almost all of the carbohydrates from his diet, proceeding to list his usual daily food intake.

Gad Saad consumes one or two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, quarter chicken with coleslaw for lunch and one or two snacks around midafternoon – giving examples of 100g of frozen raspberries or a little yoghurt of 70 calories.

For dinner, Saad eats what he describes as a “fantastic salad” containing five or six ounces of protein but it is so voluminous that he feels full. Later on, he will possibly another small snack containing around 70 or 80 calories.

podcast appearance surprises and inspires fans

Gad Saad received a lot of praise from online supporters in response to the epsiode, with many congratulating him on his health and fitness.

A Twitter user named @James9035242 shared their opinion on the latest Joe Rogan Experience episode, stating that Saad has inspired them to get in shape:

“I heard you on the latest JRE episode, and I just bought The Parasitic Mind. Also, the weight loss looks great dude. You’re inspiring this 54 year old to get in shape. Thanks!”

Another user named @Mountee32 tweeted:

“It’s inspiring. Well done losing the weight and keeping active! And according to the Joe Rogan interview, dramatically increasing your bedroom Marathons.”

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