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‘It is a passionate love story about complex relationships’-Entertainment News, Firstpost

Aamna Sharif says it was ‘very much’ emotionally taxing for her to play Roma in Voot Select show Aadha Ishq

Actress Aamna Sharif says playing Roma in her latest web series aadha ishq was emotionally taxing, but after watching the final product she thought that whatever effort she put in, was worth it.

The new show, which has two timelines, explores modern-day romance and forbidden love.

“It is an unconventional tale of forbidden love and not a normal love story. It shows the journey of Roma within a span of 10 to 12 years. It’s a beautiful passionate love story with complex relationships,” she shares.

It was “very much” emotionally taxing for her to play Rome. “I was playing a character who is 25 years old and her journey is shown till she is 35 or 36. It is not easy to play a character like this where you have an entire journey to show to the audience.

“The character’s mannerisms are different. The character is more evolved. She goes from being a childish and happy-go-lucky woman to a completely composed and calm character. There are lots of emotions involved in this show, so it was challenging for me ,” she explains.

Thankfully, she got to shoot in beautiful and calming places in Kashmir and Uttarakhand.

“We were stationed in Dehradun for about a month. Then we went to Gulmarg. I had never been to Kashmir before. It’s gorgeous. It was difficult shooting in Kashmir because we did it in December when it was really cold. There were scenes when I had to just wear a dress. It was not easy, but when I watched the final product, I felt that it was worth it,” says Aamna.

She didn’t get to do many touristy things as she used to get too tired after long shoots. “Once in a while, I would step out. That time I explored beautiful cafes in Dehradun. I would just sit, read and have a cup of tea,” says the nature lover.

aadha ishq comes just months after damaged 3 in which she showed her tough side as a cop. Going by her choice of her projects, it seems like she enjoys doing web series.

“I am so grateful we have this platform. I don’t think we were ever offered these kinds of roles before. Web series gives the opportunity to perform diverse characters which is great for actors,” says the Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress, who is doing a couple of more digital projects.

She might be relatively new in the digital space, but TV viewers would remember her as Kashish from the popular daily soap Kahiin to Hoga which ran from 2003 to 2007.

“Yo hice Kahiin to Hoga for almost four to five years. I have never been that kind of a person who thinks, ‘I have to work, so I’ll work’. A subject or a script has to excite me as an actor to be able to go ahead with it. After Kahiin to Hoga, I didn’t get something that exciting or different because people had the Kashish image so strong that I was only being offered sweet and romantic characters. I had done it for so long so I wanted to try out different things,” she recalls.

Her desire to break away from the “Kashish image” made her explore different characters on another medium.

“Later, I went ahead with films. I wouldn’t say yes to a project if it doesn’t excite me. Even if I have to sit at home for a few months, I am fine with that,” says the Aloo Chaat actress.

In her acting career that started in the early 2000s, she has done music videos, TV shows, web series and films, but sometimes she gets boxed as a TV actor.

“A lot of credit goes to my first show for what I am today. I have learned a lot as an actor from that show. But people should accept actors as actors irrespective of their TV or film experience,” she says.

The actress has a lot of experience, but she still doesn’t see herself as a great actress.

“I feel that I can do better. I love to work hard, do workshops and work on myself. I think as an actor, everyday you can learn. You can never be satisfied or be like ‘I am a great actor’. I I still have a lot to learn. I watch a lot of content. I like to learn something new everyday as an actor so that I can incorporate that into my character,” she says.

“Acting is the only thing I have been passionate about since I was a child. I started my career when I was a teenager. This is something that keeps me going. I would love to act as long as I can,” she concludes.

Aadha Ishq is streaming on Voot Select

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