Lily-Rose Depp: we know how to reproduce her makeup style

Lily-Rose Depp: we know how to reproduce her makeup style

Lily-Rose Depp’s makeup artist opened up about her makeup techniques and revealed a tutorial to replicate the star’s signature beauty look: smokey eyes and nude lips.

Like her mother Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose Depp is a beauty icon that the whole world envies. The young woman perfectly embodies the chic and elegance of the French, without needing to do tons.
Very natural, her makeup is often light and used only to sublimate her. But among all that we could see on the model, a make-up does not cease to fascinate us and remains engraved in our memories: the one she wore at the Met Gala 2019. In a dress designed by Chanel, the one who is on the poster of the event series “The Idol” signed The Weeknd had indeed gone up the steps dressed in a smoky eyes and nude lips. A vintage and grandiose look. A real work of art.

How to reproduce the signature makeup of Lily-Rose Depp?
Kate Lee, Lily-Rose Depp’s regular makeup artist, confided in “Byrdie” magazine about this famous makeup. A beauty look inspired by the 90s, thought expressly for the star, but which, “fits everyone, according to the expert. Even if the colors will have to be modified according to the complexion, the basic structure will suit everyone.

To achieve this makeup, several crucial steps are to be passed. First of all, the creation of the famous smoky eye. To begin, Kate Lee advises to use a dark brown kohl pencil, which is applied on the lower mucous membrane of the eye, and which is stretched towards the external corner. Then, at the base of the lashes, add a black gel-cream pencil to create a refined and precise liner line. She then recommends using a jumbo brown kohl pencil in the outer corner of the eyelid, which is blended, to perfectly define the eye and offer a smoky effect.

Once the eye makeup is done, it’s time for the complexion and more precisely the blush, which brings a touch of freshness to the beauty look of Lily-Rose Depp. The actress being “endowed with perfect cheekbones, her makeup does not require the application of a blush or contouring”, according to the make up artist who specifies all the same to apply the bronzing cream “Les Beiges Healthy Glow” by Chanel. The goal? To add depth and radiance along the hairline and cheekbones. She also admits to putting colored blush on the top of the cheekbones “just to bring out the dimensions of the cheeks”.

Finally, regarding this incredible nude shade on the young woman’s lips, it is the result of a combination of lip pencil – chosen a little darker than her skin tone – and nude peach lipstick. 


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