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Miss the school board meeting? Here are 5 things that happened

Tuesday was the last school board and work session that Dr. Ann Roy Moore had in her tenure as Montgomery superintendent.

The was a short, only lasting about an hour, but it covered the audit, praise for students and had a facility update.

Five things that happened at the meeting

1. The latest on the COVID-19 funds audit

Teresa Dekle, audit manager with the Examiners of Public Account, gave the audit update at the work session.

Dekle says that there were no findings in the audit, which looked at fiscal year 2021, which ended Sept. 30.

The audit also looked at the COVID-19 relief and stabilization federal funds. There were also no findings in the federal programs’ audit.

This audit comes two years after another audit found the misuse of more than $700,000 on strip clubs, casinos, liquor stores and more.


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