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the best TV shows and movies to watch now


The world of entertainment brings exciting news this week: alongside beloved streaming platforms Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, there’s now a new kid on the block in the form of Paramount+.

The new streaming service from Paramount, which launched in the US last year, has just arrived in the UK and Ireland bringing with it an exciting array of exclusive originals, blockbuster films and iconic series to our screens, many of which have hitherto been out of reach to TV fans on this side of the pond.

That’s because many of those titles have until now only been available on international Paramount channels such as Showtime, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. Now, though, we get to enjoy all the studio’s quality content on our very own subscription service.

As part of the rollout, Paramount+ will premiere some of the year’s most hotly anticipated titles including Top Gun: Maverick, The First Lady, Halo, 1883, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Offer, Major Of Kingstown and Jerry & Marge Go Large.


The streaming service, which is available on Sky platforms in addition to the standalone Paramount+ app, has all the potential for plenty of boxset marathons. So, let’s take a look ahead at all the biggest TV shows and movies that are streaming right now. We’ll keep this list updated to include all the latest releases, so be sure to check back to discover new shows as Paramount adds them.


After more than a decade in development as a feature film, record-breaking video game franchise Halo arrives on our screens with a nine episode first season.

In its adaptation for Paramount+, Halo takes place in a universe that first came to be in 2001, dramatising an epic 26th century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant. Halo will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.

The first three episodes of Halo are available to watch now, with new episodes airing every Wednesday thereafter.

The First Lady

Starring Viola Davis as Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford and Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, starry period drama The First Lady reframes American leadership through the lens of the three charismatic, complex and dynamic First Ladies to rule in the White House.

The series delves deep into the Ladies’ personal and political lives, exploring everything from their journeys to Washington and family life to their world-changing political contributions through interweaving storylines of three unique women.

All 10 episodes of the first season of The First Lady are available to watch now.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the USS Enterprise, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will follow fan favorites from season two of Star Trek Discoveryincluding Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the USS Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

The first three episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds are available to watch now, with new episodes airing every Wednesday thereafter.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Based on the Walter Tevis novel of the same name and the iconic film starring David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth follows a new alien character (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who arrives on Earth at a turning point in human evolution and must confront his own past to determine our future. Naomie Harris, meanwhile, plays Justin Falls, a brilliant scientist and engineer who must conquer her own demons in the race to save two worlds.

The first three episodes of The Man Who Fell To Earth are available to watch now, with new episodes airing every Wednesday thereafter.

The Offer

Based on Oscar-winning producer Albert S Ruddy’s extraordinary, never-revealed experiences of making legendary gangster movie The Godfather,newdrama The Offer follows Ruddy (Miles Teller) who, after ditching his job at the Rand Corporation for a shot in Hollywood, wins the job of producing Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel for Paramount Pictures.

All episodes of The Offer are available to watch now.

Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber

If you loved the recent TV hits The Dropout and WeCrashedthen the first installment in the Super Pumped anthology series, Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber, is one for your watchlist.

Inspired by the story of the ride-hailing app and its controversial founder, the show pivots on Travis Kalanick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Uber’s hard-charging CEO who was ultimately ousted in a boardroom coup, and his sometimes tumultuous relationship with his mentor Bill Gurley (Kyle Chandler), the plain-spoken, brilliant Texan venture capitalist who bets his sterling reputation on Uber’s success – and then has to live with the consequences. The series also stars Uma Thurman as Ariana Huffington, the savvy businesswoman and co-founder of Huffington Postwho was an Uber board member.

The first three episodes of Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber are available to watch now, with new episodes airing every Wednesday thereafter.

Major Of Kingstown

Major Of Kingstown follows the McLusky family – power brokers and liaisons between prisoners and the community in Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. Tackling themes of systemic racism, corruption and inequality, the series provides a stark look at their attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.

All episodes of Major Of Kingstown are available to watch now.

Yellowstone: seasons 1-3

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Kevin Costner), who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the country, which is constantly under attack by those it borders – land developers, the Broken Rock reservation and the country’s first national park.

The generational family saga, set against the backdrop of the great frontier, depicts the best and worst of mankind as seen through the eyes of a pioneering family. It’s a place where land grabs make developers billions, politicians are bought and sold by the world’s largest oil and lumber corporations, drinking water is poisoned by fracking wells and unsolved murders are not news.

Seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone are available to watch now.


The Yellowstone origin story 1883 follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. In a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty, the series sees how one family seeks a better future in America’s promised land: Montana.

All episodes of 1883 are available to watch now.

American Rust

Based on Philipp Meyer’s celebrated debut novel, American Rust is a compelling family drama that explores the tattered American dream through the eyes of Del Harris (Jeff Daniels), the complicated and compromised chief of police of a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people making bad choices. When news of a murder rips through the town, Harris must decide what lengths he is willing to take to protect the son of the woman he loves.

All episodes of American Rust are available to watch now.

yellowjackets season 1

Equal parts survival epic, psychological horror story and coming-of-age drama, yellowjackets is the saga of a team of wildly talented high school girl soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness. The series chronicles their descent from a complicated but thriving team to savage clans, while also tracking the lives they’ve attempted to piece back together nearly 25 years later, proving that the past is never really in the past and what began out in the wilderness. is far from over.

Now heading for a second season, the gripping drama has a flawless rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has sparked fierce debate with its fan theories – just be warned that it’s not for the faint of heart.

All episodes of yellowjackets are available to watch now.

Jerry & Marge Go Large

Inspired by a remarkable true story, hilarious new movie Jerry & Marge Go Large follows retiree Jerry Selbee (Bryan Cranston), who discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife Marge (Annette Bening), wins millions and uses the money to revive their small Michigan town.

Jerry & Marge Go Large is available to watch now.



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