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Who is Kamala Khan’s great grandmother Ayesha? Potential Marvel Comics origin explored with Ms. Marvel MCU theories


Ms Marvel has been a hot topic of conversation on the internet since its release on June 8. The show targets a younger audience, but its tasteful comedy and charismatic characters make it appealing to older audiences as well.

Since the very first episode, fans have been wondering about the magical bangle that gives Kamala her powers. The recent Ms Marvel episode finally revealed that the secret behind the bangle and the powers that she gets from it are associated with her great-grandmother, Ayesha. The introduction of the character into the plot will definitely open up future avenues for exploration, and we cannot wait for that to happen.

What do we know about Kamala Khan’s great-grandmother Ayesha in Ms Marvel?

MS. MARVEL EPISODE 2 REVIEW! I’ve been waiting all week! I’m so excited. I’m on board with THIS version of the story so I’m not gonna repeat myself on the old differences. Just judge the episode for itself! (light spoilers)

The comics does not mention Kamala’s great-grandmother in a detailed fashion. However, in the recent episode, we got to know that she magically disappeared at the time of the India-Pakistan partition. It is also notable that the story is secretly told by Kamala’s father de ella, as her mother de ella does n’t like to talk about it.

The reason behind Ayesha’s disappearance is still largely unknown with regard to the show. However, in the latter part of the recent episode, we find that Ayesha has made quite a reputation for herself amidst her native crowd.

Spoilers for Ms. Marvel episode 2—–I am very glad that Marvel isn’t shying away from Kamala’s religion at all and they’re showing us more and more of her as a Muslim that’s going to be such an impactful representation #MsMarvel

When Kamala tries to talk to the gossipy aunties, Illumi-Aunties as she calls them, at her mosque, she finds out a few fascinating speculations regarding her great-grandmother. One of them even implied that she may have killed someone and had an affair, according to hearsay. The aunties heavily emphasize on the fact that Ayesha brought shame to Muneeba’s (Kamala’s mother) family.

It is evident that Ayesha had cosmic connections and is hence the reason behind Kamala’s new superhero identity. The bangle that gave Kamala powers also belonged to Ayesha, as mentioned in Ms Marvel‘s firstepisode.

ms marvel having kamala’s grandma called sana (like my lil sis) and her great grandma aisha (kinda close to ayesha like mine) and i just think that’s fucking beautiful

An interesting detail in the recent episode also brings to light some new information on the bangle. It is revealed that the bangle doesn’t provide Kamala with superpowers. Instead, her superpowers reside within herself and the bangle just helps in bringing them out. In the comics, when Kamala was exposed to Terrigen mist in Attilan while the Avengers were fighting Ultron, she was able to unlock her powers from her through it, which makes us wonder if her bangle from her is made of Terrigen.

SPOILERS for #MsMarvel Episode 2:CONFIRMED: the bangle isn’t a quantum band or nega-band (at least not a comics accurate one). Those can be used by anybody. Kamala was already a superhuman. The bangle just unlocked the power already inside her.

Another fun fact to note is that if Kamala is biologically a super-powered human being, it is possible for her to have a story akin to the Star Lord. It is likely that her great-grandmother of ella Ayesha, may not have been a human, which would explain her strange reputation of ella within the rest of the community.

Fans will be excited to know more about Ayesha as the finale of Ms Marvel come closer. Every episode of the show is bringing more drama and MCU fans are excited because there is so much more to come. With the impressive ending of the recent episode, it is not surprising that we all want to consume this delightful South-Asian exposition all at once.

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